Campus Life Edit

There is a large difference in culture between MIT and Cambridge. Everyone at MIT studies some form of engineering and in general people embrace their inner nerd. It is well known that students like to do hacks ( and the requirement for students to do humanities (HASS) subjects means that they're pretty well rounded people too. People rarely do work on their own, rather they would do problems sets as a group and learn from each other. The point is that there is much to get used to, and so spending a year at MIT is a very interesting and eye-opening experience.

Campus Geography Edit


The view from Macgregor looking East over campus

It’s all distributed along the North bank of the Charles River Basin, across the river from Boston. The main campus is on Massachusetts Avenue is next to Harvard Bridge, the long bridge across the basin. West of it is West Campus, where a lot of dorms and frats/sororities are. East of it are a lot of departmental and faculty buildings, and some more counter culture dorms (East Campus and Senior House). There are also a lot of frats across the river in Back Bay, Boston. It’s an approximately twenty minute walk from the furthest west point to the furthest east point on campus.
Every single building and room on campus is identified using a number code. For example, room 33-419 is somewhere in building 33, on the 4th floor. 10-250 is in building 10 on the 2nd floor. Remember that the floor on ground level is the first floor. You should use to find your way around campus.

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