Phones Edit

Phone contracts are more expensive in the US than the UK. Some people got a family plan from T-Mobile that saved a bit of money, though the T-mobile signal can be a bit dodgy, and simultaneously managing 5 people’s phone contracts has its nightmares...

Some used, which is specifically tailored for international students and is relatively cheap. It includes free international texts.

Bear in mind that MIT has free (and better than eduroam) wifi coverage across campus, so you’ll probably use less data than you might usually.

Laptops Edit

Most CMEs brought their own laptops over from the UK, although some bought new ones after they arrived. Computers are definitely cheaper in the US, especially with the student discounts, but you would have to put up with a laptop with an American keyboard.

Where to eat Edit

There are several food places in the Student Centre, but these are pretty grim and you’ll probably be sick of them within a few weeks. Other places you could go are:

Lunch and snacks:

  • Steam - Sandwiches made to order. There are also soups and casseroles, and all the usual snacks. Located on the 4th floor on top of lobby 7.
  • Flour - bakery a couple of minutes walk along Massachusetts Avenue, does nice sandwiches and soup
  • Cafe Four - on the Infinite Corridor, nice soups
  • Stata Centre - canteen in here is alright
  • Clover - a stalwart for MIT students, their chickpea fritter sandwich is standard fare and reasonably priced
  • Chipotle - try not to live exclusively off it, but Chipotle wins on calories/dollar
  • Darwins - A little way up Mass Ave, does nice coffee and more 'spensive sandwiches


  • Thelonious Monkfish - Asian cuisine located in Central Square
  • Shakeshack - Burger and milkshake place. The nearest one is on Newbury St in Boston, or you can go all the way to Harvard.
  • Sometimes, Grubhub (an online delivery service) is your friend
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