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As you leave Britain and the safety net of the glorious NHS, you are reminded that medical costs in America can be extremely high. CME students are required to purchase the "MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan", which covers most of the cost of any medical attention that you may need during your year abroad. Any extra costs that you might incur (for example if you need surgery following a skiing accident) will be heavily subsidised. Check out this link for more details:

An important point to note is that a student must be enrolled on a valid insurance plan in order to be able to register for classes. This means completing the medical report form on time. and doing any immunisations within the time frame requested.

Cost for 2015/16Edit

The cost of the extended insurance plan for Fall 2015 was $1,070, and for Spring 2016 was $1,498. If, like most CMEs, you didn't require coverage over the summer period (after May 31st) then $642 was refunded.

Student Medical Report Form Edit

In order to be eligible for the insurance plan, all incoming MIT students must complete the medical report form, which is a questionnaire completed and signed by your doctor to ascertain the current state of your health. You must submit the form by 31 July.

The main issue will probably be getting all the immunisations that they require, since certain ones on the list are not required even for children growing up in the UK. It is important to identify which immunisations you need to do and schedule to do them as soon as possible, because some may require more than one injection. If your local GP is nice, you may even be able to get them done for free.

If you submit an incomplete report form (i.e. you are missing some immunisations), then you must inform Health Screening at MIT Medical in building E23 as soon as you arrive at MIT. You can then arrange to have the vaccines at MIT (which you will have to pay for) or tell them about your plans to have them elsewhere. Either way, you must adhere to what you agree to in order to stay eligible to register for classes.

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