Welcome to MIT, and congratulations on getting a spot on the exchange! This guide is a collation of the experiences of previous CMEs, so that when you step off the plane into the Mediterranean heat of Boston Logan airport you’ll hopefully have some idea of what to do. MIT is very different to Cambridge in a lot of ways, which we’ll do our best to prepare you for, and which mean that by the end of your year there you’ll have broadened your horizons a lot more than if you’d just stayed at home. You’ll be living within sight of Boston, one of the most important cities in the United States, and where it all began back in the 1700s. You’ll be at one of the top universities in the world, and just along the road from another one. You’ll have a huge amount of opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture, from going on mountain retreats to watching the Superbowl, from Thanksgiving dinner to road tripping through New England. You’ll even get to be there when they decide whether or not to Make America Great Again! All in all, make the most of it - MIT has so much to offer, and there’s no academic record of this year on your transcript, so go have fun.

Purpose of this GuideEdit

This guide is intended to help Cambridge students preparing to go on the Cambridge-MIT Exchange. Past CME students use their experience to communicate any information that they think incoming CME students ought to know about in order to mitigate stress and help smoothen the transition from the UK to the US. It is envisaged that this wikia will be updated each year by the relevant cohort in order to keep it up to date and become a comprehensive source of information about the exchange.



Thanks to all the former CMEs for their contribution to this wikia.

Paul Cohen, Matt Hollands, Tommy Li, Andrew Niven, Eric Wieser, Andy Zhang, Alex Thorn, David Powell, Mark Green, Oliver Gilliland

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